Water Step Car - Theory

The Water Step Car - An amphibious linear tracked step-vehicle with an inverted rail vehicle-concept

The vehicle has an innovative distributed hull. After the first mathematical model, where the Water Step Car vehicle is compared with a ship of the same weight with a conventional hull, the Water Step Car saved half of the energy
using the same speed.
The basic principle of the vehicle was verified in the autumn of 2011 with a simple model. This was followed by the patent application and the intigration of a simplified mathematical model. The current target is to verify and improve the mathematical model based on experimental measurements. At present a large model of the amphibious vehicle is worked on.

Short description

During the ride of a boat with a convertional hull a continuous lane is left behind. Friction between the hull and the water arises too.
For higher speeds with a minimal energy consumption these two renitencies have to be minimized.

The linear step-vehicle reduces this renitencies. Here the support devices are placed in a uniform pitch in a line along the trajectory on the road.
A step caterpillar is a technical solution for a linear step-vehicle. A chain drive-like chassis glides more evenly distributed support devices.
In a floatable step caterpillar the supporting devices additional serve as floats and carry the weight of the vehicle in the water (2a).
The supporting devices (2) roll around the bogies with mounted rails (1): an inverted rail car concept. The movement of the support devices is carried out with a cable- or chain drive. The steering of a step caterpillar is achieved by the side shift of the support devices.
A tracked step vehicle is provided with two parallel placed step crawler.

Linear tracked step-vehicles with inverted rail car concept can find their usage as fast or fuel efficient water crafts and amphibious vehicles.
Anwendung als schnelle oder kraftstoffsparende Wasserfahrzeuge und als amphibische Fahrzeuge finden.

Documents (german)

Patent application on 13th of October 2011
Mathematical model
Calculation for the mathematical model

Professional partners, investors and donors sought
The innovative vehicle is in a stage of research and development. For a fast and efficient progression, help is needed.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.